Adjusters who are utilizing our personal scheduling assistants should reach out to your scheduling team; we will assist with pulling your claims into our system.

Adjusters who are utilizing the Schedule It Pro software, have you spoken with our Adjuster Liaison team about integrating your CMS account with our software? Read on for step-by-step instructions on entering a new claim, but be sure to speak with our Adjuster Liaison team about the possibility of integrating with your CMS.

Log in to and click the My Schedule icon in the top-left corner.

Expand the adjuster menu and click Enter New Claim.

Start with the Loss Type field and move through the form, making sure to complete each applicable field. Click Add Another if you would like to immediately enter an additional claim; click Submit and Route if you are finished entering claims and would like to view your schedule; click Reset if you would like to start over with a clear form.

Note: IA Firm and/or Insurance company may not contain the correct firm or carrier if you have not yet associated them with your account; please see How do I associate a firm and carrier to my account? for more information on how to make the correct information populate.

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