Schedule It’s schedule page may appear unintentionally colorful at a glance, but each claim color is actually associated with a status. These colors are important because they coordinate with Google Calendar’s colors to ensure you have up-to-date claim status information any time, anywhere.

Green represents Confirmed Appt; this status is utilized when the appointment has been confirmed with the insured.

Light red represents Cold call; this status is utilized when multiple contact methods have been exhausted and the adjuster has decided to drop by the property in that appointment window.

Yellow represents Contact made; this status is utilized when the adjuster or personal scheduling assistant has made contact with the insured but has not yet confirmed the inspection appointment.

Pink represents Need Info; this status is most commonly utilized when additional contact information for the insured is needed. Schedule It also uses this status when an inspection is queued for rescheduling.

Dark blue represents Needs Scheduled; this status is utilized when a claim has been entered into Schedule It but has not yet been placed on the schedule.

Orange represents Routed; this status is utilized when claims have been placed on the schedule but have not yet been contacted.

Dark red represents Cancelled; this status is utilized when claims have been canceled, be it by the adjuster or insured.

Light blue represents Adjuster Attn; Schedule It’s personal scheduling assistants most commonly utilize this status when they are waiting for information from the adjuster, such as confirming an appointment is being canceled out of our system.

Gray represents Closed – Billed; this status is utilized when a claim has been seen, closed, and Schedule It’s billing is processing or has processed.

Purple represents On Hold; this status is utilized when an adjuster has decided to not work on a claim for any amount of time (determining if he or she will send the claims back, for example).

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