Schedule It utilizes Google Sync to provide access to your claims and appointments via the Google Calendar app on your smartphone. A Gmail email address is required to utilize Google Sync.

Download Google Calendar on Google Play

Download Google Calendar on iTunes

To enable Google Sync:

Log in to on a computer.

Click the Sync icon in the left sidebar.

A list of your Google accounts will appear; select the account with which your Schedule It account is associated. Click Add Account if your Gmail account does not appear in a list and log in to your account.

You will come to a Request for Permission page; while this looks like a lot of information, the only thing that Schedule It will do is utilize Google to send and update your claim information to and from the Schedule It application. We cannot access or read your email. Click Allow.

The page will refresh to the Schedule It schedule page with a message indicating that Events Synchronized Successfully. Please allow up to two minutes for your claims to initially populate into Google Calendar on your smartphone. The Sync button in the left sidebar has been replaced with a button labeled Refresh Calendar; use this button first if there is ever an issue with an appointment on your calendar.

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