Please note that this article applies to self-scheduling adjusters only. Adjusters utilizing personal scheduling assistants do not have the ability to alter routes (only need one cook in the kitchen, right?).

Your claims are in the system, you've viewed the map to make sure they're all in your service area - now what?

You have the option of clicking claims in the Claims to Schedule box; clicking a claim will allow you to manually enter an appointment date and time.

You could drag and drop a claim from the Claims to Schedule box to a date on the calendar; this will allow you to manually enter an appointment time for the selected date.

The above are great ways to schedule one claim at a time, but what about all of your claims in a matter of seconds? Allow us to introduce you to Time Saver.

Time Saver is a series of settings located in the top-left corner of your schedule that will allow you to route all of your non-confirmed and non-held claims with a few clicks. The settings are as follows, left to right and descending:

  • Starting Distance - closest (first appointment is closest to deployment address and works out) or farthest (first appointment is farthest from deployment address and works in)
  • Claims Per Day - the number of claims you would like to see per day
  • Start Date - the date you wish to start seeing claims
  • Drive Time - the average number of miles per minute you anticipate driving (our default is two minutes in unfamiliar territories; bigger cities get higher numbers up to nine min/mile)
  • Inspection Time - the average inspection time (available in half-hour increments)
  • Start Time - the time for which the first appointment should be scheduled to begin each day
  • Window - the window in which you intend to arrive at an appointment (arriving between 8:00 am and 10:00 am is a two-hour window, for example)
  • Distance from a Confirmed Appointment - ranges from 5 to 200 miles - number of miles within radius of a confirmed appointment for which time saver will consider 'squeezing in' a new appointment; appointments outside of that radius are routed on new days as normal

Enter these settings, click Save Time, and you are on your way!

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